Thursday, March 8, 2012

Masha Ma Shows at Paris Fashion Week

I happened come across a story about an up-and-coming designer from London who made a career move, literally by moving to Paris. Her nane is Masha Ma, and the image is from her latest collection. What I love about his Winter 2011 Collection of pencil thin skirts is the designer's control over shape, texture, and line. Her color palette is subdued and I love that she used shiny red boots to show that off. My question is, where did she get those boots? I think they're adorable, nooo, I mean hot! 
The silhouette here is amazing. Is it a three-piece? I can't tell, but I can definitely say I love it from this perspective.
This is from the Winter 2012 Collection showing the designer's eye for deconstruction, cut, line, contrast texture-wise, and accessorizing.
And this is from Masha Ma's Spring Summer 2012. All photos are borrowed
from the designer's web site,