Wednesday, March 14, 2012

English Staple...Mushy Peas

 The Shears Inn is located in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and dates back to circa 1664. Within its walls, old world charm awaits the visitor. I found this Inn online while searching for a recipe for mushy peas. The menu at the Shears Inn features quite a variety of hearty meals, including Home Roast Beef, Lamb Henry, Sausages and Mash. How about a taste of one of the ten scrumptious deserts with mouth-watering names such as Peach and Pear Crumble with custard, Rhubarb Crumb, Meringue Nests with fruit and Ice Cream. They all sound wonderful. 
Steak and Mushroom Pie with chips and mushy peas.

 When visiting in England, oh fifteen years or so ago, I had my first taste of mushy peas. My brother-in-law ordered it at some nondescript neighborhood grill (I don't know what they call them there, here in the US, we call them "hole-in-the-walls".) I love green food and peas in particular, so it should not be surprising that I fell in love with this unexpected green treat and cannot remember what else was on the plate. Above is a photo of the Steak and Mushroom Pie as served at the Shears Inn at Paris Gates, Boys Lane, Halifax. It's interesting to me that mushy peas is served with each entree. I have to visit, for sure. If you have anything to say about the peas or eating out in England, do leave a comment!