Thursday, October 3, 2013

A New Wreath for the Home

My latest creation has a shabby but chic, rustic, bohemian feel.  It can give a girly, feminine vibe but I would extend that description to include comfy, healing and calming. Tell me what you think. It's available for purchase on on the link below the image.

If you're like me, you think of the big picture first. Will this piece of home decor fit in the grand scheme of the room's design color-wise and size-wise?  Will it  remain in the background while at the same time complement other hues and even make some of those colors pop?

The linen color of the yarn in this wreath is a warm neutral. The flowers are light ecru and warm pinks. The braiding which wraps around the circular form is a synchronous blend of sages, gold and pinks. Awesome against white, off-white,beige, brown, green, gold, purple, rose and gray walls and doors. What's even more lovely are the shadows that bring out the three-dimensions, making this a textile sculpture. Love!

Makes a great gift for a housewarming, holiday gift giving, birthdays. Or for yourself.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seven excuses for going missing...from my own blog

I can  list about  two inches of copy space on reasons why my posts are so  far between. For instance, I can never remember the password-is that legit? That's the major reason that will last semi-eternally. I'll try and try and never get it right. I wrote it down in my calendar book (Walmart/perfect format, size, color, and price), but it always hides from me; it knows when I'm frantically looking, it has taken on my spritish personality, wouln't ya know. The lesser sins of my not blogging are:

  1. preoccupied (or overcome with daily events and demands of the people in my life. 
  2. lazy mindednes.s
  3. working on marketing and sales--how many times a day do you check shop stats and Google analytics, analyze 'better' search terms, tweet, pin...perfecting, obsessing?
  4. making treasuries on Etsy/promoting others' fine work or vintage pieces/participating on teams/reading discussions.
  5. defective keyboard (splunked some coffee--cream and sugar, naturally, which caused the ultrasenstive hardware imps to permanenly depress the Ctrl key; I'm using the inline or online keyboard right now, clicking one  letter at a time. I don't think  my granddaughter biting off the Z button counts here.
  6. pain: I twisted my ankles on two different occasions, sprained the alternate foot too on one of those times--lost about three months total, with legs raised, not counting recuperating after I could actually hobble; for a time,  no mood to even look at the internet.
My plodding along here is a challenge, so I shall take a break here and limp in my aircast to the frig and fix some lunch. ciao : ]