Monday, October 15, 2012

Three New Wreaths for the 2012 Fall Season

Neutral color wreaths in beiges and browns introduce the festive flair of the fall months without overpowering other design elements in the room. 

With the green apple, gold pear, straw flowers and pale felt flowers in the wreath directly to the left, this 12-inch round wall or door hanging will work with subtle green, beige, gray, and white color schemes as well as the bolder oranges, red, browns, and dark green furniture and walls.

Earthy browns and reds are festive hues adding warmth to the fall months. This wreath is a larger 14 inch round, featuring fresh pine cones, faux glittery apples, and rolled flowers fashioned from wool merino felt. The burnt orange felt combined with deep wine colored felt are dramatic and balance out the dark autumnal earthiness of the yarn. Great versatility whether hung on over a fireplace mantle or a pastel door.
Fall Wreath @
This sandy colored 14-inch wreath is dressed up for the holidays with a large cornucopia-like corsage of burnt orange handcrafted flowers, faux glitter ripe apples,  berries and oak leaves. Very warm and autumnal, it's a perfect homey touch for the family room or dining area. 

Just imagine these handmade wreaths greeting Thanksgiving dinner guests at the front door! 

Also appropriate for year-round use because of the ability of subdued colors to stay demurely in the background, all the while complementing the decor,  whether that decor be Traditional, Southwestern, Coastal, Urban, or Country Chic. 

Back to blogging...after relocating

My, my, has it been that long? My last post was in March. It's now October. That's over six months...that is a long time trying to get my thoughts together after a couple of strategic moves. I mean, actual location moves in Las Vegas and then to here, in a woodsy section north of Houston, Texas.

Relocating has been one way I pare down my overbearing belongings. Had I just stayed in one place, I would have vintage pieces still not looked at and forgotten in a silent corner of a closet. Moving forces me to bring out boxes and look into them, to recollect memories and decide that a memory doesn't have to bog me down with dead weight. I've thrown or sold a few things and still working on eliminating more pieces. Moving forces me to consider whether I am moving forward in life or merely hanging on to a past that was memorable but no longer tied to objects; what I mean is, I don't need the real objects except for a few token small ones. I can take photos of these objects and keep them and share them that way with family, if they even remember or if they even put a value on them. It is not my intent to settle while I am able to move and experience and expand my knowledge and circle of friends. I want to travel light and at moment's notice. I am a true vagabond.

Welcome back,