Friday, March 16, 2012

Woodland Earth Wreath Spiked with Chartreuse

I'm showing my St Paddy greens in this Earth Wreath. The bright chartreuse ribbon is for Spring. I make this wreath available with an assortment of ribbons for hanging, grosgrain ribbons in brown, off-white, and the bright green you see above. I created the Earth Day wreaths a year ago and they have turned out to be my most popular wreaths. The bright green shouts "Spring is here!" I must say, though, I can live with chartreuse all year long and not find it out of season. After all, it's still GREEN:) Before I forget, this can be ordered online at Saffron Fields Design Studio. This particular wreath sells rather quickly, and I only have enough materials for a few more, unless I find a new source. Just a warning.