Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seven excuses for going missing...from my own blog

I can  list about  two inches of copy space on reasons why my posts are so  far between. For instance, I can never remember the password-is that legit? That's the major reason that will last semi-eternally. I'll try and try and never get it right. I wrote it down in my calendar book (Walmart/perfect format, size, color, and price), but it always hides from me; it knows when I'm frantically looking, it has taken on my spritish personality, wouln't ya know. The lesser sins of my not blogging are:

  1. preoccupied (or overcome with daily events and demands of the people in my life. 
  2. lazy mindednes.s
  3. working on marketing and sales--how many times a day do you check shop stats and Google analytics, analyze 'better' search terms, tweet, pin...perfecting, obsessing?
  4. making treasuries on Etsy/promoting others' fine work or vintage pieces/participating on teams/reading discussions.
  5. defective keyboard (splunked some coffee--cream and sugar, naturally, which caused the ultrasenstive hardware imps to permanenly depress the Ctrl key; I'm using the inline or online keyboard right now, clicking one  letter at a time. I don't think  my granddaughter biting off the Z button counts here.
  6. pain: I twisted my ankles on two different occasions, sprained the alternate foot too on one of those times--lost about three months total, with legs raised, not counting recuperating after I could actually hobble; for a time,  no mood to even look at the internet.
My plodding along here is a challenge, so I shall take a break here and limp in my aircast to the frig and fix some lunch. ciao : ]