Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to blogging...after relocating

My, my, has it been that long? My last post was in March. It's now October. That's over six months...that is a long time trying to get my thoughts together after a couple of strategic moves. I mean, actual location moves in Las Vegas and then to here, in a woodsy section north of Houston, Texas.

Relocating has been one way I pare down my overbearing belongings. Had I just stayed in one place, I would have vintage pieces still not looked at and forgotten in a silent corner of a closet. Moving forces me to bring out boxes and look into them, to recollect memories and decide that a memory doesn't have to bog me down with dead weight. I've thrown or sold a few things and still working on eliminating more pieces. Moving forces me to consider whether I am moving forward in life or merely hanging on to a past that was memorable but no longer tied to objects; what I mean is, I don't need the real objects except for a few token small ones. I can take photos of these objects and keep them and share them that way with family, if they even remember or if they even put a value on them. It is not my intent to settle while I am able to move and experience and expand my knowledge and circle of friends. I want to travel light and at moment's notice. I am a true vagabond.

Welcome back,