Sunday, April 10, 2011

Duck eggs straight from the farm

A few blocks away from my house is an old farm. They sell eggs. Real fresh eggs with bright golden yolk. Large in size, beige, ecru, blue green. So precious! My photo shows how they are packaged, one dozen stacked inside a paper bag filled with shredded paper. I bought three dozen since the farm is only open on the weekends. I want to make some baked custard and omelets!

One more thought..."duck" eggs. You might think it might be a strange tasting experience, but, No!, duck eggs taste exactly like chicken eggs. The thought came to my mind too, but they looked so "AUTHENTIC" I had to get them. I tried them out on omelets first. You won't know until you've tried, but they were absolutely tastey and golden yellowy, and you can't ever tell the difference. The farm is located on Grand Teton in the northwest side of Las Vegas. The owners are farmers originally from Missouri, but they moved to Nevada thirty years ago to get away from the harsh winters in good ole MO. Now, there's an added bonus to going to get fresh eggs: you meet real authentic people! Their farm on Facebook is here